The Teaching Platform Made for Musicians

Create interactive classes, share your knowledge, mentor students and sell online

Why choose Livecords?

For the first time, music teachers can create online classes and build a community dedicated to studying and practicing together. Teachers can track students' progress, watch their practice videos, give them effective feedback, and earn money along the way.

All the right tools

Create an interactive environment with everything you need in one place, and use it to promote your classes world wide or teach your existing students.

Celebrate every progress

Fresh new marking system

Video-exchange feedback

Students' practice timeline

Trackable progress

Group or one-on-one discussions

Fresh new marking system

Livecords provide the teachers the ability to mentor their students and keep up with their progress


Teachers can effortlessly build their own customized studio without any design or technical skills

Create an encouraging community

Students can share their progress, practice together and communicate directly with each other

  • I started using Livecords for education and it changed the way I manage my material and mentor students online.

    Ruben D.
    CFG Studio
  • With Livecords...I love how easy it is to open multiple classes, personalize them, set them as public or private and add video content and instruction all from the comfort of my home.

    Nick C.
    Vocal Artist
  • Recording my practice and getting feedback has never been easier! With Livecords I can track my progress and share it with others, it definitely improved the quality of education.

    Emad T.
  • Livecords has been so usefull in it's specifictools, and also profitable for me, as many students find easier and more fun to work with.

    Robert P.